Austro-Hungarian Sapper/Pioneer Short heavy Sword

Steel / horn
Blade length 460 mm

Manufacturer: Wu... late 19th century

Acquisition: Gift by Luigi Grandi 2005

inventory n.0167

Collins n.1250 Machete

Steel / bakelite
Blade length 380 mm

Manufacturer: Collins & Co WWII

Acquisition: 1996 Bologna, gif

inventory n.0123

Folding - locking machete

Steel / composite handle
Blade length 275 mm

Manufacturer: Camillus USA around 1940

Acquisition: 1970 gift by Piero Grandi

NOTE:made during WWII for USAF pilots survival kit in the Pacific theater. A total of 121,848 were produced.

inventory n.0028

Machete Gavilan N°127

Steel / plastic
Blade length 428 mm

Manufacturer: Incolma SA Colombia

Acquisition: 1978 Cuzco Perů

inventory n.0020

Machete Elephant

Steel / wood
Blade length 445 mm

Manufacturer: Camerun

Acquisition: Castellane France 2003

inventory n.0159

Machete with wooden scabbard

Steel / horn
Blade length 490 mm

Manufacturer: Flores Handicraft Indonesia 2003

Acquisition: Ruteng Flores Indonesia 2003

inventory n.0160

Machete with wooden scabbard

Steel / wood
Blade length 425 mm

Manufacturer: Flores Handicraft Indonesia late 20th century

Acquisition: Bena Flores Indonesia 2003

inventory n.0161

Small Machete

Steel, wood, brass, copper
Blade length 280 mm

Manufacturer: Lao handicraft

Acquisition: Luang Prabang - Laos - 2017

NOTE:in the Lao language it is simply named Pha Lem (knife)

inventory n.0218